Application to become a GTP fellow

Students will apply for acceptance to the program after choosing a mentor who is a member of the GTP faculty, listed on this webpage. A limited number of slots will be available beginning in January 2018 for funding through December, 2019. Students who are now in their first or second years will be considered for acceptance. After two years, trainee support will be the responsibility of her/his mentor.

By signing the application form, the mentor pledges to support the student regardless of the GTP training program acceptance decision.

In January 2018, each trainee will become a student in the department in which his/her mentor has their primary academic appointment and be subject to that department’s requirements for matriculation and graduation. The training program can also provide funds for trainee travel to meetings for presentations.

The form for application can be downloaded here. Deliver a hard, signed copy of this application and your cv to Rita Hutchins, CCRC RM 2019, and also email it to by 5PM on Dec. 11. Decisions and notifications will be made as quickly as possible. The GTP Executive Committee may contact you for an interview Dec. 12-13.