GTP Students

Current GTP Students

Name Program Mentor Year
Adams, Trevor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Wells 2018
Appala, Keerthi Chemistry Hines 2019
Bedillion, Sydney Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Tiemeyer/Leach 2021
Buckley, Thomas Chemistry Gert-Jan Boons 2022
Carpenter, Jana Chemistry Hines 2020
Carter, Ashley Chemistry Boons/Wells 2017
Carter, Terrell Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lance Wells 2021
Ghahfarrokhi, Mehrnoush Chemistry Azadi 2021
Huang, Chin Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Moremen 2019
Kegley, Nicholas Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Haltiwanger 2019
Kim, Jandi Chemistry Amster 2018
LaMore, Paige Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Woods 2020
Lanier, Deanna Institute of Bioinformatics Edison 2020
Lin, Jonathan Chemistry Crich 2021
LoPilato, Rachel Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Haltiwanger 2015
Mayfield, Johnathan Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Wells 2019
Montgomery, David Institute of Bioinformatics Woods 2017
Okoye, Clifford Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Mohnen 2022
Patel, Neil Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Weiss 2021
Rex, Audrey Infectious Diseases Trent 2019
Rogers, Ashley Microbiology Szymanski 2020
Shahin, Lubana Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Urbanowicz/Mohnen 2020
Sleiman, Zeina Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Urbanowicz/Edison 2022
Thorne, Kristin Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Urbanowicz 2020

Former GTP Students

Name Mentor Years Dissertation Title Current Position
Aceil, Javid Avci 2017-2022 Bioconjugate Vaccine Design Against Pneumococcal Disease Postdoc, UCSD
Andresen, Silke Szymanski 2018-2022 A study of Streptococcal glycosylation and its impact on host-microbe interactions. Associate Scientist, Entos Pharmaceuticals
Boland, Andrew West 2015-2022 The Role of Skp1 Glycosylation in SCF Assembly and the Characterization of the Interaction of an F-box Protein
and Its Binding Partner
Scientist at Conagen
Dookwah-Smith, Michelle Tiemeyer 2014-2021 Allele Specific Alterations in Glycolipid Biosynthesis and Cell Signaling in GM3 Synthase Deficiency Cure Guide Rare Disease Consultant at Perlara PBC
Douglass, Martin Trent 2016-2021 Lipid transport to the outer membrane of Escherichia coli Postdoc, Vanderbilt University
Duke, Jeremy Avci 2015-2022 Development and Immunological Evaluation of Next-Generation Conjugate Vaccines Postdoc, Sanofi-Pasteur
Duma, Justin Szymanski 2016-2020 Glycosylation diversity in Campylobacter fetus Research Chemist III, Arxada
Garcia, Brianna Edison/Amster 2017-2022 The Journey from Accurate Mass to Compound Identification: Method Development for Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics Postdoc, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
Halmo, Stephanie Wells 2015-2020 A Tale of Two Transfers: Pomgnt2 Specificity in Protein O-mannosylation and Problem Solving in Undergraduate Biochemistry Postdoc, UGA
Kim, John West 2017-2022 Structural insights into how glycosylation controls SKP1 function in protists. Postdoc, UGA
Smith, Peter York/Urbanowicz 2013-2020 The utilization of plant cell wall glycosyltransferases as biocatalysts for the synthesis of novel materials Postdoc, National Renewable Energy Lab
Stephen, Hannah Wells 2016-2021 The O-GlcNAc Transferase Tetratricopeptide Repeat Domain Interactome Offers Insight into Cellular Functions and Disease Mechanisms Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, UGA
Taujale, Rahil Edison/Kannan 2015-2021 Developing New Informatics Approaches for Investigating Sequence-Structure Function and Evolutionary Relationships in Glycosyltransferases Bioinformatics Consultant, Cognizant
Wantuch, Paeton Avci 2014-2020 Developing strategies to combat S. pneumoniae: Targeting the capsule and the adaptive immune system Postdoc, Washington University
Williams, Robert Prestegard/Amster 2016-2022 Expanding the Toolbox for Structural Biology of Glycoproteins: Combining NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry Postdoc, University of Massachusetts
Williamson, Daniel Haltiwanger 2016-2022 POGLUT2 and POGLUT3: A Tale of Two Novel Protein O-Glucosyltransferases Postdoc, University of Georgia
Wright-Sanderson, Patience Amster 2013-2019 Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis and Tandem Mass Spectrometry for the Separation of Sulfated Glycosaminoglycan Mixtures from Biological Samples Analytical Chemist, Thermo Fisher Scientific