Welcome to WallBioNet Gene Submission Form. This form is used to send feedback or a suggestion about genes information to WallBioNet. We depend upon input and suggestions from our users so that we may continuously to improve our services. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your inputs! The * indicates that field is required. The personal information requested is used for no other purposes than to respond to your inputs.

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Only three pairs of HTML tags are allowed in the input: <B> </B> for Bold, <I> </I> for Italics and <U> </U> for Underline, either in uppercase or lowercase. There is no space between the Letter and the Angle Brackets. For example: <I> Arabidopsis thaliana </I> is valid. But < B> FUT </B> is not a valid.
If there are more than one value for GenBank, GenPept accession number, SwissProt, EC # or Chromosome Locus, separate values by a comma. For example: Gene FUT1 has two GenBank accession number. In the text input field of GenBank, type AC005313, AF154111.
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