Welcome to WallBioNet --The Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis Research Network

WallBioNet is a Research Coordination Network supported by the US National Science Foundation. The goal of WallBioNet is to encourage interactions among scientists attempting to understand the biosynthesis of plant cell walls. For more information about WallBioNet, click the tab labeled "About".

The WallBioNet web site contains databases that house information on selected topics. Users can query the database to obtain the information they want to see. Five sections of the web site are ready for use: Member lists, Genes and cDNA clones, Mutants, Antibodies and Substrates. Other sections are under construction. Filling the databases has begun, but your help is needed. Templates are available for members to make contributions to the databases. You can join WallBioNet by completing the member information form; you can add your favorite gene or mutant by using the forms associated with these databases.

This is a mirror site for Wallbionet site of Michigan State University, located at Complex Carbohydrate Research Center , University of Georgia, Athens,GA