Antibody Name: MH4.3E5
  Antibody Name: MH4.3E5
 Related Experiments:
 Isotype: IgM
 Antibody Type: Monoclonal
 Source Animal: Mouse
 Detail Info for Purified Antibody:
 Immunogen: Leaf Protoplasts
 Antigen: Arabinogalactan
 Plant Origin: Nicotiana tabacum
 Working Concentration: undiluted or diluted 1:10
 Status of Antibody: Hybridoma supernatant
 Polysaccharide Cross Reactivity: MH4.3E5.pdf
 Epitope Structure for Carbonhydrate Antigen: unknown
 M.W. of Protein Antigen(KDa):
 Protein Cross Reactivity: arabinogalactan proteins from diverse plants
 References: Hahn MG, Lerner DR, Fitter MS, Norman PM, Lamb CJ (1987) Characterization of monoclonal antibodies to protoplast membranes of Nicotiana tabacum identified by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Planta 171:453-465.

Pattathil S, Avci U, Baldwin D, Swennes AG, McGill JA, Popper Z, Bootten T, Albert A, Davis RH, Chennareddy C, Dong R, O'Shea B, Rossi R, Leoff C, Freshour G, Narra R, O'Neil M, York WS, Hahn MG. (2010) A Comprehensive Toolkit of Plant Cell Wall Glycan-Directed Monoclonal Antibodies. Plant Physiol. 153:514-525.


MH4.3E5 binds to diverse arabinogalactan-containing glycans among the 54 polysaccharides tested. MH4.3E5 also binds to arabinogalactan glycoproteins.

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