Antibody Name: JIM7
  Antibody Name: JIM7
 Related Experiments: Arabidopsis inflorescence stem expansion glycoprofiling
 Catolog#: PP-007
 Isotype: IgA
 Antibody Type: Monoclonal
 Source Animal: Rat
 Detail Info for Purified Antibody:
 Immunogen: Protoplasts prepared from suspension-cultured cells
 Antigen: Homogalacturonan (partially methyl-esterified)
 Plant Origin: Carrot (Daucus carota)
 Working Concentration:
 Status of Antibody: Hybridoma supernatant
 Polysaccharide Cross Reactivity: JIM7.pdf
 Epitope Structure for Carbonhydrate Antigen: GalA1->4MeGalA1->4MeGalA1->4MeGalA1->4MeGalA1->4GalA
 M.W. of Protein Antigen(KDa):
 Protein Cross Reactivity:
 References: J.P. Knox, P.J. Linstead, J. King, C. Cooper, and K. Roberts. (1990) Pectin esterification is spatially regulated both within cell walls and between developing tissues of root apices. Planta 181:512-521.

W.G.T. Willats, G. Limberg, H.C. Buchholt, G.-J. Van Alebeek, J. Benen, T.M.I.E. Christensen, J. Visser, A. Voragen, J.D. Mikkelsen, and J.P. Knox. (2000) Analysis of pectic epitopes recognised by hybridoma and phage display monoclonal antibodies using defined oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, and enzymatic degradation. Carbohydr.Res. 327:309-320, 2000.

M.H. Clausen, W.G.T. Willats, and J.P. Knox. (2003) Synthetic methyl hexagalacturonate hapten inhibitors of anti-homogalacturonan monoclonal antibodies LM7, JIM5 and JIM7. Carbohydr.Res. 338:1797-1800, 2003.


JIM7 binds to a relatively heavily methylesterified epitope found in cell walls of diverse species. The epitope structure shown is the most efficient competitor identified. Other competitors that are almost equally effective are: GalA1->4GalA1->4MeGalA1->4MeGalA1->4MeGalA1->4GalA and MeGalA1->4GalA1->4MeGalA1->4GalA1->4MeGalA1->4GalA.

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