Antibody Name: AX1
  Antibody Name: AX1
 Related Experiments: Fadera
 Isotype: IgG1
 Antibody Type: Monoclonal
 Source Animal: Mouse
 Detail Info for Purified Antibody:
 Immunogen: Oligo-arabinoxylan-KLH (covalent)
 Antigen: Arabinoxylan
 Plant Origin: Wheat (Triticum aestivum)
 Working Concentration: 1:25
 Status of Antibody: Hybridoma supernatant
 Polysaccharide Cross Reactivity: AX1.pdf
 Epitope Structure for Carbonhydrate Antigen: Arabinose-substituted beta-1,4-xylan
 M.W. of Protein Antigen(KDa):
 Protein Cross Reactivity:
 References: F. Guillon, O. Tranquet, L. Quillien, J.P. Utille, J.J.O. Ortiz, and L. Saulnier. (2004) Generation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against arabinoxylans and their use for immunocytochemical location of arabinoxylans in cell walls of endosperm of wheat. J.Cereal Sci. 40:167-182.

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