Antibody Name: MAC207
  Antibody Name: MAC207
 Related Experiments: Arabidopsis inflorescence stem expansion glycoprofiling
 Isotype: IgM
 Antibody Type: Monoclonal
 Source Animal: Rat
 Detail Info for Purified Antibody:
 Immunogen: Peribacteroid Membrane
 Antigen: Arabinogalactan Protein
 Plant Origin: Pea (Pisum sativum)
 Working Concentration: Undiluted
 Status of Antibody: Hybridoma supernatant
 Polysaccharide Cross Reactivity: MAC207.pdf
 Epitope Structure for Carbonhydrate Antigen: (beta)GlcA1->3(alpha)GalA1->2Rha
 M.W. of Protein Antigen(KDa): 70-100
 Protein Cross Reactivity: Arabinogalactan proteins from diverse plants
 References: D.J. Bradley, E.A. Wood, A.P. Larkins, G. Galfre, G.W. Butcher, and N.J. Brewin. (1988) Isolation of monoclonal antibodies reacting with peribacteroid membranes and other components of pea root nodules containing Rhizobium leguminosarum. Planta 173:149-160.

R.I. Pennell, J.P. Knox, G.N. Scofield, R. Selvendran, and K. Roberts. (1989) A family of abundant plasma membrane-associated glycoproteins related to the arabinogalactan proteins is unique to flowering plants. J.Cell Biol. 108:1967-1977.

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Pattathil S, Avci U, Baldwin D, Swennes AG, McGill JA, Popper Z, Bootten T, Albert A, Davis RH, Chennareddy C, Dong R, O'Shea B, Rossi R, Leoff C, Freshour G, Narra R, O'Neil M, York WS, Hahn MG. (2010) A Comprehensive Toolkit of Plant Cell Wall Glycan-Directed Monoclonal Antibodies. Plant Physiol. 153:514-525.


MAC207 binds to various exudate gums, including gum arabic, gum ghatti, gum karaya, and gum tragacanth. The oligosaccharide shown above is the most effective oligosaccharide competitor tested to date.

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